Dr. Tom Sack - President and CEO


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You are not a project number to us. Our clients tell us that our personal connection and relationship is the reason MRIGlobal is their preferred partner. We invite you to get to know us.


Executive Management

Thomas M. Sack, PhD

President & Chief Executive Officer

Reachel Beichley, JD

Vice President & General Counsel

Robert A. Conklin, MS

Vice President of Research Operations

Marty Nevshemal

Martin Nevshemal, MBA

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Dean Gray

Dean Gray, PhD, MBA

Vice President of Defense and Health

Business Development

Joseph Bogan, Jr., PhD

Business Development Director Defense

Dominie Garcia

Dominie Garcia, PhD

Business Development Director Health

Client Directors

Claire Croutch

Claire Croutch, Ph.D.

Medical Research

Chris Hollars

Chris Hollars Ph.D., PMP

Emerging Technical Solutions

Jason Gordon, Ph.D.

Jason Gordon, Ph.D.

Emerging Technical Solutions

Jeff Kittel

Jeff Kittel, PMP

Threat Detection Programs

Jonathan White

Jonathan White, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Keven Welch, MS


Kristine Werking

Kristine Werking

Disease Diagnostics

Resource Directors

Carol Blevins

Carol Blevins

Physical Sciences

Kathy Boggess, MA

Life Sciences

Kris Schumacher

Kris Schumacher, Ph.D.