Dr Ian Colrain MRIGlobal

Dr. Ian M. Colrain


Executive Management


President & Chief Executive Officer



As MRIGlobal’s seventh President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ian M. Colrain is responsible for all aspects of leading, managing, operating, and developing the institute.

Ian joined MRIGlobal in July 2022, following 20 years in the biosciences field at SRI International and more than a decade in academia, including appointments at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, the University of Melbourne, Australia and Stanford University, California. He is passionate about developing a high performing culture based on transparency, diversity, and respect.  \

In his past work, Colrain’s team engaged in use-inspired basic research, applied translational research, and development and provision of contract research services. Colrain was also responsible for the direction and growth of significant contracts with private pharmaceutical companies and the evaluation of venture and licensing opportunities. Before moving to the United States, Ian served 13 years as an Army Officer (General Reserve) in the Australian Army Psychology Corps. 

Ian is highly published, with approximately 350 scientific publications and nearly 10,000 citations credited to his name. Ian also serves on the MRIGlobal, NREL, and Keystone Symposia Boards of Directors. 


Ph.D., Psychology, University of Tasmania 

B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, University of Tasmania  

B.Sc., Psychology and Computer Science, University of Tasmania