Disease Response

MRIGlobal is a trusted partner in global health surveillance for infectious disease preparedness and response.

Deadly viruses like Ebola and COVID-19 have affected millions across the globe. MRIGlobal is a trusted partner to government and commercial customers, utilizing our high-containment biological laboratories to make scientific advancements and save lives around the world.


Developing diagnostic assays to expand and accelerate the delivery of high-quality clinical diagnostic tools

Evaluating the safety and efficacy of vaccines and therapeutics used in infectious disease response and control

Supporting human trial efforts to test infectious disease vaccine and treatment efforts

Building and managing studies for virus transmission to aid in future disease prevention and response efforts

Mobile Labs for Rapid, Localized Response Efforts

In addition to global health surveillance, we have engineered, deployed, and staffed mobile laboratories across the globe, supporting localized disease response efforts.

These units and our team always stand ready to assist countries and patients in need with point-of-care diagnostics.

custom mobile laboratory by MRIGlobal

Our Staff

MRIGlobal disease response scientists work in High-Containment Biosecurity Laboratories obtaining regulatory clearances for diagnostic devices and viral detection assays.

MRIGlobal scientists and virology experts develop, test, and evaluate methods for use with cutting-edge technologies to detect viral infections in humans, animals, and the environment. We develop methods and technologies for disease detection, response, and control, as well as global surveillance for disease prevention. Our work in disease response supports our mission of using science and technology to create solutions for a safer, healthier, more sustainable world.

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