Biological Threat Agents

Protecting the nation and the world from biological threat agents.

We develop, test, evaluate, and operationalize technologies and protocols that hold promise to provide rapid and effective biological threat agent detection capabilities to prevent and minimize the impact of biological attacks, ultimately saving lives.


MRIGlobal offers comprehensive assay and protocol development for the detection and surveillance of biological threat agents:

Molecular and immunological

Next Generation Sequencing

Advanced bioinformatics

Prototype development of sample collection, testing, preservation and transport solutions for austere and non-conventional laboratories

Our Staff

Jennifer Stone leads the development of biological threat agent assays on the Biomeme three9-ISP instrument.

MRIGlobal has been developing, testing, and evaluating assays and methods for the detection of biological threat agents for more than two decades. Our scientists work closely with our clients, collaborators, and end-users to ensure the developed technologies meet all operational requirements and have the desired positive impact on biological threat detection and the surveillance community.




Abstract blue technology background with a cyber network grid and connected particles. Artificial neurons, global data connections - Generative AI


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