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Chemical Agent Exposure

Chemical agents can create mass casualties even with minimal quantities.

We are dedicated to continually providing diagnostic solutions to save lives. MRIGlobal’s testing and evaluation supports chemical agent diagnostics assay, method, and platform developments. These services include collaborations between commercial companies and government agencies to accelerate product development into later clinical verification and validation phases.


Extensive chemical threat libraries for conducting research and development to support chemical exposure diagnostics

Highly experienced staff with decades of chemical threat agent defense experience and associated chemical defense facilities

Project management and integration oversight, coordination of collaborators, and facilitation of FDA regulatory approval


We streamline FDA clearance of chemical agent exposure diagnostic products.

Our staff has extensive experience providing engineering solutions and prototype development to technology and manufacturing companies. We architect, engineer, and develop in vitro systems for diagnosis of chemical agent exposure and infectious disease.


Work With Us

MRIGlobal looks forward to contributing our expertise where it matters most.

MRIGlobal can act quickly to assemble a team and provide thorough, accurate solutions to your chemical threat issues.

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