Human Exposure Toxicology

Analytical and bioanalytical testing services for a wide variety of consumer products

Consumer Products Safety

How safe are the products you use? Every year, an estimated 2,000 new chemicals are introduced into the consumer products we use daily, and there is little to no toxicological data regarding their safety for use.

MRIGlobal toxicology experts provide analytical chemistry services to advance the mission of promoting public health through science-based evaluation of toxicological information. For this critical public health function, MRIGlobal examines chemicals (such as industrial chemicals, prescription drugs, consumer product additives, personal care products, nutritional supplements, and natural products) for characteristics that could cause cancer, genetic defects, or immune system responses.

Bioanalytical services

MRIGlobal is in the drug-testing business.

We analyze human and animal plasma and tissue to determine the chemical(s) in those samples. If your clinic is doing an analysis on the amount of drug in any given sample or needs to see how a particular drug interacts with medical countermeasures, we can help.

We approach bioanalytical method validation and sample analysis with strict adherence to quality control assessment, such as routine use of system blanks and matrix evaluation precision and accuracy samples. Preliminary studies may be conducted as non-GLP followed by definitive GLP studies with all requisite parameters.

Analytical Services

Our work is done in strict accordance with federal regulations, an MRIGlobal area of expertise.

MRIGlobal offers  chemical characterization; test article formulation preparation and analysis; and bioanalytical method validation and sample analysis for parent test article and possible metabolites. Acute toxicokinetics studies are available.

What We Test

Method development, validation, and analysis of a variety of analytes

GLP method development/transfer and long-term stability studies

Compliance with FDA guidelines

Evaluation of fundamental performance and validation parameters

Quantitation of analytes and metabolites in biological tissue and fluid matrices follows GLP protocols









Our Staff

Our team of analytical chemists and repository specialists are dedicated to advancing our mission to make the world a healthier, safer place to live.

Through our long-standing history, MRIGlobal scientists have presented and published over 45 posters and manuscripts at national and international meetings for work sponsored by the NIH-National Toxicology Program.  Examples of our published work include:


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