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Specialty Animal Models

MRIGlobal uses specialty animal models to mimic the human disease state.

MRIGlobal has the experience and in-depth knowledge to conduct a wide variety of studies and project work. We provide expertise in the testing and evaluation of the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other drugs.


Inhalation exposure model via aerosol/vapor

Ocular, skin, lung, and whole body exposure models

Liquid and vapor exposures models with highly toxic chemicals, including chemical warfare agents

Nerve and vesicant agent models

Aerosol of organisms and non-volatile chemicals

Select Agent and Tier-1 bacterial and viral challenge models

Opioid intoxication

Surgicated models

Our Staff

Our experts include

  • Experienced toxicologists, bacteriologists, virologists, and inhalation specialists
  • Clinical and surgical veterinarians
  • Registered veterinary technicians
  • AALAS-accredited animal care personnel (ALAT, LAT, LATG)

Work With Us

MRIGlobal looks forward to contributing our expertise where it matters most.

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