Scientist, Jeremy Mesa, using TECAN equipment in MRIGlobal CLIA labs
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Vaccines & therapeutics EXPERTISE at MRIGlobal

Safeguarding Health for All

We assist our government and commercial clients in testing and evaluating the safety and efficacy of their vaccines and therapeutics against a wide array of chemical and biological threats.

Our multidisciplinary approach responds to concerns for public, occupational, and military health.

We focus on reducing the threat of chemical and biological agents to the general population, while also developing specialized countermeasures to protect the warfighter. We have helped clients develop both vaccines and monoclonal antibodies to treat seasonal flu and COVID-19, as well as potential bioweapons such as tularemia and anthrax.

About Vaccines & therapeutics

We accelerate the discovery and development of both targeted and broad-spectrum countermeasures to address exposure to chemicals like sulfur mustard, and various nerve agents.

Furthermore, our scientists have expertise with industrial chemicals like chlorine gas. We study the toxicological effects and pharmacokinetic profile of novel therapies to ensure they are safe and biologically active in key disease models. Each of these capabilities help our clients advance their products through FDA review and eventual approval. 

Through our long-standing programs supporting the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many commercial clients, we have developed extensive expertise in how to detect, identify, quantify, and respond to materials of significant health impact. 

Why MRIGlobal?

We are a team of scientific experts driven to improve and expand the detection, prevention, decontamination, and protection from chemical and biological threats.

Our work aims to improve both human and animal health through scientific advancement.

MRIGlobal has the facilities and highly trained staff to safely and effectively research key chemical and biological threats as identified by NIH, CDC, and the Department of Defense. Our ability to test against the actual threats (and not surrogates) to the general public and our military gives us and our collaborators a competitive advantage in testing the safety and efficacy of their novel therapies. We take pride in being a trusted partner who puts the client’s mission first, developing collaborative and impactful solutions that meet the evolving challenges to global health and security.

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