Clinical Trial Sample Storage
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MRIGlobal’s biorepository collects, catalogs, and stores samples of biological material for research and pharmaceutical development.

MRIGlobal’s advanced biorepository facility serves as a collection of invaluable specimens available for all current and future clinical research. From toxicological testing to pharmaceutical development, MRIGlobal will ensure that properly stored and annotated material are available to you for your unique research endeavors. Our staff can also aid you in preparing your materials for storage, submitting analytical reports to regulatory agencies, and distributing your materials to researchers across the world. Accepted specimens include: blood, plasma, urine, cells, DNA, proteins, and more.

Our Staff

Our biorepository team includes specialists that order materials, receive specimens into inventory, ship customized sets to researchers, and maintain a vast database of thousands of unique materials and research aids.

The team is trained in biohazardous material shipments per DOT and IATA regulations. Our lead biorepository specialists maintain relationships with a comprehensive list of preferred vendors to procure materials, several of which are not readily available through conventional channels.

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