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Safeguarding Health for All

We develop and test vaccines and therapeutics for a wide array of chemical and biological threats.

Our multidisciplinary approach responds to concern for public, occupational, and military health, including medical countermeasures research against specific threats.

We focus on consumer exposure to chemical and biological threats to the general population as well as specifically focused research to protect the warfighter. For example, we develop, analyze, and test treatments for pandemic influenza and other emerging infectious diseases. We accelerate the discovery and development of broad-spectrum countermeasures to address genetically engineered and emerging biothreat and chemical threat agents. We study the toxicological effects and profile of industrial chemicals and consumer exposure to natural products.

About PUBLIC Health

Our expertise applies to the protection and treatment of those who come in contact with threats to public health.

From MRIGlobal’s long-standing programs supporting the National Institutes of Health, national security clients, and defense clients grew an expertise in how to detect, identify, quantify and respond to materials of significant health impact.

Why MRIGlobal?

We are objective subject matter experts who understand all aspects of detection, prevention, decontamination, protection, and destruction of chemical and biological threats to public health.

MRIGlobal has the facilities and expertise to develop and test against the actual threats to the general public, our military, and to our commercial clients concerned with occupational exposure. We take pride in being a trusted partner who puts the client’s mission first. We listen, understand, and help develop collaborative and impactful solutions that meet the evolving challenges to global health and security.

Featured Program | PUBLIC Health

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Quality Assurance (TBQA) Program


Work With Us

Your challenges inspire our scientists.

We work with government agencies, commercial businesses, and academic institutions every year to help further unbiased research and innovative development.

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