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Global Health Surveillance EXPERTISE at MRIGlobal

World Health Matters

We accelerate the delivery of high-quality products and services to enhance the detection, diagnosis, and prevention of infectious disease in the United States and around the world.

Enhancing Global Health Capabilities

MRIGlobal leads scientific thought in global health. Our expertise in research and development, product testing and evaluation, laboratory operations and training, biosafety and biosecurity, and international collaborative research all drive improvements in the areas of infectious disease and biological threats.

About Global Health Surveillance

Experts across our diverse research areas use science and technology, impacting the safety, security, sustainability, and health of the world.

Our operational understanding of laboratory and in-field detection and diagnostics allows us to enhance infectious disease diagnosis and biological threat detection in the US and internationally.

Why MRIGlobal?

MRIGlobal plays a critical role in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and response to infectious disease outbreaks.

Our domestic and international expertise includes:

  • Technology development
  • Capacity and capability building
  • Laboratory operations
  • Collaborative research support for biosurveillance
  • Environment, animal, and plant disease diagnostics and surveillance

MRIGlobal performs critical functions in supporting national priorities in public health, advancing product development from the lab to the marketplace, and delivering new tools and devices.

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