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Chemical Detection

MRIGlobal provides value to commercial chemical detection through our niche ability in synthesizing, handling, and testing exotic and highly-toxic materials.

If you need to bring commercial detection technologies to market, our team can help. We perform standard testing to get the approvals you need on a variety of materials, including highly toxic materials other labs lack qualifications to handle.

MRIGlobal commercial chemical detection capabilities include designing and performing tests, adding to onboard libraries of instrumentation, assisting with organizing the pathway toward approvals, and performing independent third party validation testing.

CBRNE Tech Index

A comprehensive database of detection equipment available to the public


Launched in 2014, the CTI displays a wide range of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) detection equipment and products for use in the field or laboratory. Users can view, compare, and filter products according to several categories. This enables users to make informed decisions on which products best meet their needs.

MRIGlobal scientists regularly test and evaluate equipment for government and industrial clients, providing expert and end-user feedback for product development and upgrades. The site contains over 2,000 products in the various CBRNE categories ranging from lab use to field use. Technologies represented range from easy-to-use colorimetric strips to state-of-the-art laboratory analytical equipment.

Featured Program | Chemical Defense Training Facility

MRIGlobal designed and executed upgrades for the state-of-the-art chemical defense training facility at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Our Staff

Our team is dedicated to the health and safety of our local, national, and international community.

With a shared dedication to solve our clients’ most challenging problems, the scientists, engineers, analytical chemists, and biologists at MRIGlobal approach projects as a team. Our shared common goal of keeping people safe drives the analytical services, method development, systems integration, data analyses, and staffing services we provide to multiple U.S. government organizations. We’re known for chemical detection services offered with the highest integrity, creativity, and program management discipline.


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