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MRIGlobal’s repository supports studies focused on chemicals of concern to human health as well as drug development.

MRIGlobal’s unrivaled repository facility provides proper storage and distribution of drug substances and drug products to meet our client’s needs, as they study potential therapeutic drugs in research clinical trials. Our staff is well-versed in all aspects of repository management including receipt, storage, and distribution. Our services are enhanced by onsite complementary services such as cGMP manufacturing, analytical testing, and supply chain management. For a vast array of investigational studies, the MRIGlobal repository exists to support human health research for impactful scientific advancements.

Our Staff

With decades of experience, our repository team includes a highly trained group of technicians, specialists and scientists who work diligently to accomplish project goals. The group has extensive experience in all aspects of repository management including receipt, inventory management, packaging, labeling and distribution.

With a longstanding companywide focus on safety, our team is trained in hazardous good shipments per DOT and IATA regulations to ensure all distribution activities are made in a proper manner. Our staff also understand the importance of regulatory compliance and espouse a culture of compliance, which is complimented by an experienced group of quality assurance officers. Overall, it is the MRIGlobal staff that make our projects successful, and we would be excited to see how our team can help your next project.

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