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MRIGlobal’s repository supports studies focused on chemicals of concern to human health as well as drug development.

MRIGlobal’s unrivaled repository facility is a chemical database providing proper storage and distribution of chemicals and compounds used in toxicology studies and therapeutic drug research for clinical trials. Our staff is well-versed in reporting and submitting certificates of analyses to regulatory agencies, as well as loaning our specimens as investigative agents to researchers across the globe. From studies to trials to research, the MRIGlobal respository chemical database exists to support human health research for impactful scientific advancements.

Our Staff

Our repository team includes a work force that orders materials, receives chemicals into inventory, ships customized sets to researchers, and maintains a database of over 4,000 individual neat chemicals and 4,500 custom prepared solutions.

The team is trained in hazardous good shipments per DOT and IATA regulations. Our lead repository specialists  in our chemical database have established relationships with a comprehensive list of preferred vendors to source and procure materials, several which are not readily available through conventional channels.

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