Consumer Product Testing

Trusted expertise in testing and evaluating products across a multitude of industries for efficacy, safety, and sustainability.

MRIGlobal scientists regularly test and evaluate equipment for government and consumer clients, providing expert feedback for product development and innovation.

In addition to evaluating state-of-the-art equipment and devices for engineering and pharmaceutical use, MRIGlobal also evaluates consumer products, like at-home diagnostic assays, supporting public health.

Using our world-class laboratories, MRIGlobal facilitates unbiased and independent testing and evaluation to ensure that products are effective and safe when they hit the consumer market.

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MRIGlobal is known for solving client challenges and performing our work in the most efficient manner possible without sacrificing quality.

The expertise and experience of our laboratory staff enable projects to go from proposal to kickoff meeting in a matter of days. No waiting for facilities or staff to become available. MRIGlobal is the best choice for the rapid initiation and execution required to outpace your competition.

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