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COVID-19 Cells
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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As experts in infectious disease research, the team of researchers and biosafety experts at MRIGlobal have been hard at work to create an impact on the coronavirus efforts. Right now, many of our divisions are dedicating time and resources to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in one way or another. Our primary focus is to help our commercial and government stakeholders by:

  1. Evaluating the efficacy and safety of vaccines and therapeutics, as well as developing diagnostic assays to detect COVID-19 in patients and the environment.
  2. Developing and sharing biosafety procedures while offering our expertise and training to other organizations working with COVID-19.
  3. Developing and deploying flyable infectious disease containment systems and mobile diagnostic laboratories that users can field anywhere in the world.

MRIGlobal also supports preparing businesses for the pandemic by sharing our expertise in biosafety and pandemic preparedness.

From an engineering perspective, we design and build innovative systems such as our Containerized Biocontainment System (CBCS), a medical transport unit designed to evacuate patients to clinical centers.

In addition, our diagnostics capability allows us to develop new assays and rapid diagnostics for clients across the globe. With our overall countermeasure efforts, we’re pushing the development of testing methods for an effective coronavirus vaccine.

Additional COVID-19 subject matter expertise
  • Diagnostic, vaccine, and drug anti-viral development
  • Virology and Immunology
  • How coronavirus is similar to SARS virus
  • Bio risks associated with coronavirus
  • Biosecurity measures we should be taking
  • High consequence pathogens
  • Biosafety and security lab biosafety
  • Biosafety assessments
  • Mask/respirator and associated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety procedures
  • One Health
  • Global Health

Please contact our External Communications manager to get connected with an MRIGlobal coronavirus (COVID-19) expert.

Subject Matter Experts

Our researchers and scientists are sought after for their expertise on a variety of issues challenging our world.

Throughout its history, MRIGlobal’s work has had a major impact on health and safety around the world. MRIGlobal scientists and engineers revolutionized soap, studied the effect of urban smog, and designed space suits for NASA’s astronauts. We spearheaded global health initiatives to help people with Ebola, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and HIV. Our work with the federal government keeps our soldiers safer and better equipped for the dangers they face. Since 1977, MRIGlobal has managed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the world’s premier laboratory for R&D in solar, wind, biomass, and energy systems integration. Within the Department of Energy, NREL leads all national labs in finding innovative ways for government to work with industry.



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