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2023 Posters

CBD S&T 2022
Immobilized CRISPR Chemistry for Massively Multiplexed Target Detection
Julie Lucas
CBD S&T 2022
Enhanced Warfighter Augmented Training (EWAT)
Peter Anderson
CBD S&T 2022
Improved Chemical and Biological Defense Testing Using the Test Grid Operated with the Open Architecture Data Management System (OADMS)
Aaron Twombly
CBD S&T 2022
Resurrecting the Dead: Recovery of Organophosphorus Poisoned Acetylcholinesterase using Quinone Methide Precursors
William Sosna
CBD S&T 2022
Towards a Pseudo-Catalytic Bioscavenger: in vitro Reactivation of Organophosphorus-Inhibited and Resurrection of Organophosphorus-Aged Butyrylcholinesterase by Quinone Methide Precursors
William Sosna
CBD S&T 2022
Bridging The Gap: Providing Selectivity And Specificity For Potential Therapeutics Against Organophosphorus Intoxication By Connecting Quinone Methide Precursors To Peripheral Binding Site Linkers
William Sosna
Need for Viral Vector Risk Assessment Support Among ABSA International Membership
Sharon Altmann
Formulation Development of Novel Transdermal Formulation
Jon White
Blended Learning Approach to Build Sustainable Wise Workforce with Social Media, Virtual and Augmented Reality
Gene Olinger and Kenny Yeh
Mercury Lab: Bringing the Laboratory to the Sample
Joe Russell
Targeted and Non-Targeted Analysis of Ginkgo biloba Extract (GbE) from 17 Suppliers
Season Kerns
SOT 2019
TPHP and IPP DRF Poster
Season Kerns and Kristin Aillon