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Technologies for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction

MRIGlobal is a recognized leader in countering weapons of mass destruction with an emphasis on chemical, biological, and explosive threats to human health and safety.

MRIGlobal’s operation-wide chemical surety and biocontainment facilities include more than 72,000 ft2 of BSL-2 & 3 lab space, ABSL-2 & 3, and several high-containment chemical facilities. MRIGlobal owns and operates a 90,000 ft2 facility for the development and manufacturing of mobile laboratories, and we conduct specialized training and research on 78 acres at a rural field station.

Our expeditionary analytics laboratory design, fabrication, deployment, staffing, and support have been used to support programs across government and industry, including placing facilities in conflict zones and natural disaster areas.

Our Facilities

MRIGlobal has the chemical surety (neat/dilute), traditional chemical laboratories, and biological safety level (BSL) 2/3 containment facilities to allow us to safely and securely receive, synthesize, grow, and purify chemical warfare agents, nontraditional agents, biological warfare agents, and explosives.



Our Staff

Our team is dedicated to the health and safety of our communities.

MRIGlobal has some of the brightest minds working to solve our world’s most complex problems, with almost 40 percent of our employees holding advanced degrees. Our team is comprised of engineers, chemists, and biologists who share one common goal – to protect our communities from threats.

MRIGlobal staff generously donate time and resources to serve our country and our community. We collaborate with numerous local and regional organizations to advance STEM education and sustain future scientific generations.

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MRIGlobal is a world leader in technology and science.

We work with government agencies, commercial businesses, and academic institutions every year to help further unbiased research and innovative development.

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