Detonator Sampling Tool

Keeping military and civilian law enforcement safe while performing forensic analysis.

MRIGlobal’s Detonator Sampling Tool (DST) helps military and civilian law enforcement perform forensic analysis of detonators used to initiate explosives, like those found in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Using precision hand controls, the DST allows the investigator to safely and efficiently extract explosive samples from most commercial, military, and improvised detonators.


DST-Mod1 performance capabilities include:

  • Facilitates safe removal of explosive material from detonators for forensic examination
  • Simple mechanical operation
  • Minimizes operator exposure
  • Capable of releasing detonator into a standard MK-663 container
  • Portable for 2-man carry in a shipping case
  • Certified by Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB)
  • Tested in accordance with MIL-STD-398A, allowing for Joint Service Safety Certification by the DDESB


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