Emerging Infectious Disease

Emerging infectious diseases continue to evolve, and so do our capabilities to detect and protect.

MRIGlobal creates new disease detection, diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics to arm public and private partners with the knowledge and technologies necessary to stay safe. We provide education, training, and surveillance programs to U.S. government clients and others who need help identifying what’s happening in the world around them. Our network spans the health spectrum from diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics to robust and innovative manufacturing to assist in clinical trials.


Our Global Health biologists paired with engineers to create Mercury Lab – something in between a ‘lab-in-a-backpack’ and the mobile BSL-3+ laboratories.

Dr. Joseph Russell (pictured) conducts emerging infectious disease field surveillance with Mercury Lab. MRIGlobal designed this single, lockable, grab-and-go case that can be wheeled through an airport and checked as luggage, thrown in the back of a pickup truck, or even strapped to the back of a motorbike.

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