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Biological High Containment

MRIGlobal has nearly 30 years of ABSL in vivo and in vitro experience providing solutions including safety testing, custom animal models, diagnostics, forensics, and biomarker development.

Equipped with our scientific expertise, MRIGlobal’s ABSL-2 & -3 and BSL-2 & -3 laboratories facilitate the discovery and development of vaccines and therapeutics to prevent or mitigate the adverse health effects resulting from biological threat agents and infectious disease.

Our project expertise:

MRIGlobal has the necessary ABSL-2 & -3+ facilities, laboratory space, and instrumentation to support the breadth of services required by our clients.

Dedicated labs are used for all specialized tasks (e.g., assay development/qualification, analytical support, sample receipt/storage).

Decontamination; personnel protective equipment testing assay development; development and testing of pathogen collection devices; pathogen detection device testing (molecular and immunological), forensic analysis of air, soil, water samples; and lyophilization of pathogens, among numerous other capabilities.

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