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In-Lab Training Without Interrupting Operations


Powerful, state-of-the-art VR technology allows for the rapid development of a mixed reality learning environment by integrating an immersive 360° video and interactive 3D rich media. Such training can provide timely and comprehensive safety and procedural expertise when laboratory space is not available. This capability can efficiently and effectively help train laboratory staff and other personnel to support their mission with no interruption of their critical science mission and operational capacities.

VR will provide realistic views of laboratory spaces and initial sensitization training for specific environments, such as the laboratory suites or interstitial spaces. Features can include a role-based log-in that provides access to multiple facility locations based on the user’s job role. It can also demonstrate specific procedures such as donning and doffing of positive pressure suits. The incorporation of advanced video techniques helps enable the practice of teaching in a blended learning environment where the needs of different learning styles are addressed.

Following training, reports can be generated to include recommendations for further training or alternate training based on the trainees’ performance during the event. Training resources for events may include a combination of a course agenda and syllabus, video recordings, VR activities, written documents, reference materials, exercises and activities, presentations, pre-recorded webinars, study guides, group learning exercises, and examinations.

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