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Energy and Transportation EXPERTISE at MRIGlobal

Delivering Quality Contract Research Since 1944

Quality Engineering for Energy, Transportation and Management and Operations (M&O)

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Our engineering expertise focuses on emerging energy technologies and systems and enhancements of transportation safety.

Whether the need is for energy solutions to power our world, transportation research and design for safer roadways and bikeways, or management and operations of research laboratories, MRIGlobal’s engineers can help. Developing and transitioning scientific and engineering advances in the energy and transportation sectors are hallmarks of MRIGlobal programs for more than 75 years.

About Energy and Transportation

The science you expect. The people you know. Our business is delivering excellence in all aspects of contract research.

MRIGlobal engineers develop and advance affordable, reliable and resilient energy systems for remote off-grid applications. Our Transportation Research Center (TRC) develops innovative solutions that address the challenges of highway safety, congestion, and roadway design in the United States and abroad.

Why MRIGlobal?

We take pride in being a trusted partner who puts the client’s mission first.

MRIGlobal has the expertise and facilities to develop and test energy systems and to develop guidance addressing roadway design and traffic safety countermeasures for federal, international and civilian clients. We listen, understand, and collaborate for impactful solutions that meet the evolving challenges to energy availability, energy security, and transportation safety.

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We work with government agencies, academic institutions, and commercial businesses to help further unbiased research and innovative development.

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