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MRIGlobal may be a small CRO, but that just makes us more flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients. Therefore, we have extended our team to those who are experts in the field of virtual reality models. Those experts largely consist of computer engineers and design engineers. They build using an engine just like video games. Engineers usually take the 3D CAD model of the device and import it into the program to create a full virtual reality model. Our custom virtual reality model designers are here to help with their expertise. 

Custom virtual reality model designers at MRIGlobal

Quite simply, a virtual reality model is a virtual representation of a device or a place in the real world. When “inside” a virtual reality model, the computer is able to track and respond to the movement of the user’s eyes so the graphics react accordingly.

One important factor when developing any type of virtual reality model or software is to have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. To obtain this, we collaborate with the subject matter experts.

For example, if we are developing software to train on a chemical device, we confer with those who know how to use that chemical device and they can walk us through the real-world steps, helping us turn them into realistic virtual steps. If the virtual training is to be effective, the virtual reality model must be accurate to the real-world device.

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 As a not-for-profit contract research organization, we are an objective partner driven to make our clients’ products successful. We specialize in defense, human health, pharmaceutical sciences, in-vitro diagnostics, energy and environment, agriculture, and global health.

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