Mo Rocca and Hillary Wood During Interview

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Super Bowl Cities Ties to MRIGlobal’s Scientific History

As part of their piece on the exploring cities of teams going to the Super Bowl, we were honored to host CBS Sunday Morning producers and Mo Rocca.

In its early years,  MRIGlobal work helped companies develop new breakthroughs for food, such as developing coating on candies, perfecting instant coffee, and ensuring safe cooking temperatures in slow cookers. MRIGlobal was founded as the not-for-profit Midwest Research Institute (MRI) on June 17, 1944. Kansas City area business leaders formed MRI to support industry, provide jobs, and advance scientific knowledge. This visionary and community-minded cadre of leaders determined that a research facility could help the region find ways to retain workers whose jobs were vanishing due to farm mechanization and the loss of the military manufacturing industry.

Our history is marked by steady expansion of increasing scope and complexity, from protecting warfighters from weapons of mass destruction to increasing biosafety in labs in West Africa. Today, our impact spans the globe, performing contract scientific and engineering research for government and industry. MRIGlobal’s focus is translating new technologies that support better health outcomes for humans, animals, and our environment. We apply our diverse and cutting-edge technical capabilities and expertise to provide smart, collaborative solutions that solve our customers’ precise needs. We deliver global technology-based research in national security and defense, energy and environment, life and animal sciences, agriculture and food safety, and transportation.