Ballistic Gas Chromatograph (BGC) with scientists Eric Peters, Charmel Grisham, and Sylvanna Couch

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Ballistic Gas Chromatograph (BGC) wins R&D 100 Award

MRIGlobal’s BGC wins R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 Award in Analytical Instrumentation category      

MRIGlobal’s design of Ballistic Gas Chromatograph (BGC) has been awarded an R&D100 Award for Innovation by R&D Magazine. Each year R&D Magazine presents the awards to 100 of the most technologically significant and innovative technologies introduced to the marketplace over the past year.

MRIGlobal’s BGC is an analytical instrument designed for use in process air, safety air, and chemical monitoring. It collects vapor air samples, desorbs the sample into a gas chromatography column to separate chemical, detects the chemicals using a detector (e.g. Flame Photometric Detector), and reports results every thirty seconds. The BGC instrument utilizes dual collection, dual column, and dual detectors to allow the system to collect samples from one side of the instrument and analyze samples from the other side.This unique approach allows the 30 second sample analysis time to be achieved.

“By collecting/analyzing our samples every 30 seconds, we are 10 times faster and still have the same limit of detection (lowest detectable concentration),” said MRIGlobal Principal Chemist Eric Peters.  “Whether you’re monitoring the air in a hazardous environment or performing chemical monitoring of concentrations, the ability to test those concentrations 10 times faster than similar technologies leads to an environment that is 10 times safer—with 10 times as much data.”

The BGC instrument is capable of collecting Vapor (Air) samples quickly and accurately, desorbing the sample onto a gas chromatograph (GC) Column to separate components, and detecting the chemicals using a detector (e.g. Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)). The alternating collection and desorption modes allows the detector to generate a data point approximately every thirty seconds, which is ten times faster than similar technologies.

Because the BGC was designed to be easily integrated, there are a variety of applications that can benefit from the enhanced speed and accuracy of this air monitoring system:

  • Process Air Monitoring — With Ballistic GC, you can monitor the chemical concentrations used in a factory process to verify the stability. Formulations and chemicals require precise concentrations, so the BGC technology creates an increased accuracy through rapid testing.
  • Safety Air Monitoring —  BGC can determine real- time concentrations of chemicals in hazardous environments. Any time people need to be sent into a hazardous environment, understanding their level of safety is of vital importance. Ballistic GC provides the fastest air monitoring possible, meaning workers in hazardous environments will know immediately when they need to increase their personal protective equipment or evacuate the area.
  • Chemical Monitoring — There is simply nothing else available that can match the speed and efficiency of Ballistic GC when it comes to monitoring chemical concentrations. Every 30 seconds during instrument validations, chemical testing, and/or chemical exposures, you can be certain of exactly what chemical levels exist.



Winners were presented with their honors at the Annual R&D Awards on October 19.


About R&D 100 Awards

Established in 1963, the R&D 100 Awards is the only science and technology awards competition that recognizes new commercial products, technologies and materials for their technological significance that are available for sale or license.

This renowned, worldwide competition, now in its 59th year, received entries from 17 different countries and regions with a judging panel of well-respected industry professionals across the globe.

“This year exceeded all of our expectations, with more submissions coming in than in the previous few years. What’s more, the quality of the entries was extremely high,” Paul J. Heney, Vice President and Editorial Director for R&D World said.

The R&D 100 Awards have served as the most prestigious innovation awards program for nearly six decades, with the celebration taking place during a virtually this year due to the pandemic.