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This story was originally posted at Bangkok Post – Blueair Launches Advanced Air Purifiers in Thailand

Blueair Launches Advanced Air Purifiers in Thailand

Sangchai Air Quality announces the innovative Blueair air purifiers from Sweden. Controlled via an app, these devices trap particles smaller than PM2.5, addressing the urgent need for dust-free air in homes and buildings.

Aside from the record-breaking heat, another concerning issue in Thailand is the PM2.5 dust, especially in major cities where it worsens every year. PM2.5 dust is considered harmful to human health, as emphasized by the World Health Organization, because it is very small and can easily pass through nasal hairs into the lungs and bloodstream, causing long-term damage to the body.

Blueair, a leading innovator of air purifiers from Sweden, is a globally trusted manufacturer of top-tier air purification systems. They are relied upon by prestigious institutions and hospitals in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Japan, India, and other countries. Recognized for their award-winning designs and air purification technology, Blueair offers innovative products that are energy-efficient and available in over 60 countries worldwide.

Mr. Bunyarit Chansuwan, General Manager of Sangchai Air Quality Company Ltd., the importer and distributor of Blueair air purifiers, revealed that Blueair is widely recognized by leading hospitals in Thailand for its high-quality and efficient air purification systems. Blueair utilizes the patented HEPASilentâ„¢ technology, capable of capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns (smaller than PM2.5 dust). Importantly, Blueair air purifiers are certified by MRIGlobal, USA, to eliminate 99.99% of airborne COVID-19, ensuring cleaner air. They also feature faster Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and operate quietly, saving more energy compared to conventional light bulbs. With Blueair’s innovative technologies developed by experts, ensuring quality standards aligned with international benchmarks, they remain one of the foremost air purifier manufacturers recognized for industrial product standards.