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MRIGlobal Launches New Science Podcast


“Science Diction” Profiles Innovative Scientific and Engineering Research  

MRIGlobal has launched the new “Science Diction” podcast focused on our science, the scientists and engineers responsible for this work, and its positive impact around the world. Twice each month, MRIGlobal’s Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Amy Manning-Boğ will have a conversation with scientific researchers and engineers from across the institute to learn more about their work and how it is improving people’s lives. 

The podcast is rooted in the idea of making complex scientific concepts more approachable. The words used to describe the science addressing critical public health and security challenges – like biosurveillance, CBRNE, threat detection, fluidics, and others – can sometimes be perplexing. By better understanding these words and the science behind them, people can better grasp the positive impact and value of this science. 

“The science and engineering we perform have such a profoundly positive impact on people around the world. Each day, we support work across a swath of critically important arenas like clinical trials, infectious disease, in vitro diagnostics, and biological threat agent detection,” said Manning-Boğ. “Now, we have a platform to share conversations with the researchers responsible for developing such novel and innovative solutions in response to these many health and safety challenges.” 

With the first three episodes of the podcast now live, listeners can hear from our experts on a variety of timely topics, with perspectives straight from our laboratories.  

  1. mRNA Vaccines – Dr. Luca Popescu is a veterinarian turned global infectious disease expert who is focused on testing medical countermeasures like vaccines and therapeutics in response to infectious diseases. We spoke with him about the history of mRNA vaccines, why they’ve been so critically important to the COVID response, and what’s next for their use in supporting global health. 

  2. Repository – Before therapeutic pharmaceuticals go into clinical trial to ensure their safety, they must be received from the manufacturer and precisely stored and managed and then shipped to their destination for use in that trial. As director of pharmaceutical sciences at MRIGlobal, Dr. Jon White leads a team that facilitates this critical step of the supply chain. 

  3. Live Attenuated VaccinesVaccines are developed and administered to prime an immune response that either prevents or lessens disease severity when a microorganism is encountered in the future. As a virologist and immunologist, Dr. Christopher Weiss offers insight into the benefits of live attenuated vaccines, which generate a long-lasting response in combatting today’s recurrent and emerging disease threats.   

Accessible on both Apple and Spotify, future episodes are scheduled to profile our work in biologics and our team’s efforts to mitigate the deadly impacts of tuberculosis.


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