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In Back-to-Back Years, MRIGlobal Named “Healthiest Employer”


Focus on Innovation Transcends Beyond Our Science 

For the second year in a row, MRIGlobal has been named one of the Healthiest Employers in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal. Our efforts to make health and wellness a priority for our employees have been recognized in six of the last eight years. Such consistent recognition underscores our commitment to health and wellness for all employees as core to who we are as an institute.  

Our tagline “Innovative Solutions to Important Challenges” goes beyond the research we perform and solutions we produce for clients, extending to the benefits we provide employees. As we celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2024, we empower our team through a holistic wellness culture that features affordable healthcare, comprehensive mental health and well-being offerings, and a new menopause benefit.   

“At MRIGlobal, innovation transcends the science we perform; it’s about people. We seek out health and wellness tools that our employees can put to work for themselves and their families,” says Monica De Agostino, Director of Benefits Compensation & HRIS, MRIGlobal. “These efforts connect us as a community, span the various stages of life, and bring us together to elevate well-being. Our unique culture and innovative health and wellness initiatives set us apart as an employer of choice.”  

In 2023, our leadership team, always on the forefront of innovative health solutions, embraced a significant advancement in women’s health technology by integrating the Midday menopause app into our wellness offerings. This strategic move was informed by the recognition that a substantial segment of our workforce and their spouses could benefit from such a resource. The app provides guidance for management of menopause symptoms in support of healthy aging. Our commitment also extends to financial security through our top-tier 403(b) plan and student loan assistance via Savi, fostering a supportive, innovative environment where our employees thrive. 

The Business Journal’s assessment considered numerous factors indicative of our support for health and wellness, including culture, leadership support, life-work flexibility, mental health and family benefits, physical health resources, financial well-being, and more.  



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