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Large, complex integration programs are our forte. Our CBRNE and containment expertise spans decades and our high containment facility designs are in place at Dugway and Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

In the lab or in the field, MRIGlobal handles, processes, and assays environmental samples containing potential chemical agents, agent signatures, explosives and their signatures, as well as pathogens for humans, plants, and animals.

The Individual Protection Ensemble Mannequin System at Dugway Proving Grounds was designed to enable the realistic testing of personal protective equipment with chemical agents. The result provides real-time chemical breaching data.

The design and construction of the High Containment Facility at Aberdeen Proving Grounds was the first-of-a-kind containment facility to study traditional and non-traditional chemical warfare agents. The result supports military personnel protection through the development and testing of contamination avoidance, individual protection, collective protection, decontamination, and detection technologies against a variety of chemical threats.

Our R&D 100 Award-winning Containerized Bio-Containment System (CBCS) supports and facilitates a critical care treatment environment, allowing for the transport and treatment of four critically ill patients infected with a highly contagious pathogen, while maintaining full biocontainment, even while flying. CBCS was part of the recent international exercise “Tranquil Shift,” described by U.S. officials as “the largest overseas biocontainment exercise in history.”