Mark Reynolds in Engineering Lab

Field Equipment Engineering

Equipment Engineering Services

MRIGlobal supports field equipment engineering services through a state-of-the-art facility and custom frameworks for individual project success.

Clients seek us out to design, build, test, evaluate, and continuously advance products and technologies that improve warfighter protection and global health. We support manufacturing integration capabilities, including:

  • Mobile laboratory design and construction
  • Related systems fabrication
  • Testing and development of fieldable military equipment
  • Engineering and technical management support
  • Related training
Mark Reynolds in Engineering Lab


Field Equipment Engineering Capabilities

Our facility

Our engineering fabrication space measures more than 38,000 square feet.

This expansive engineering space and world-class tools and equipment enables our dedicated, experienced team to build custom solutions for each unique project. Our work is impactful across the globe as we improve and advance warfighter protection capabilities and global health initiatives.

Work with us

MRIGlobal is committed to finding solutions for a safer, healthier world.

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