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Virtual and Augmented Reality Services

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Services

MRIGlobal’s augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities are evolving along with the devices and technology behind them. We create expanded options for trainees, regardless of location.

Augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities enable our experts to turn a 200-page instruction manual into a hands-on training experience that can be loaded onto an AR/VR device such as Microsoft’s HoloLens. Hands-on training is valuable in countless applications, from lab work to training on advanced equipment. Experience the freedom offered by AR/VR and eliminate the need for on-location training by using devices loaded with custom developed training modules.

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MRIGlobal offers an expansive suite of capabilities for AR/VR platforms.

Device-Agnostic Programming

We provide clients with platforms that exceed their expectations by building solutions across any device and tailored to their needs.

Training for Laboratory Staff

Train laboratory staff on different instruments, hoods, and processes using AR/VR devices, enabling hands-on training without laboratory downtime or risk to sensitive lab equipment.

Train On and Operate Unmanned Vehicles

We can build an entire 3D model of the vehicle, including interior controls, in addition to the training modules, interfaces, and GUIs needed to master operation of the vehicle.

Our Staff

Peter Anderson, a principal engineer with MRIGlobal, is a recognized expert in innovative and efficient design.

MRIGlobal engineers dive into complex technical programs, 3D modeling, drafting, animation, and rendering to provide quality augmented and virtual reality training modules. With built-in performance metrics and vast applications, our programs expedite the time frame for training and provide unmatched convenience.

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