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Electrical Engineering Lab Is Buzzing

Defense Human Health

Fabricating, Testing, and Evaluating Devices

The energy in this laboratory is always palpable. There is a buzz in the air as a team of engineers works through their next challenge.

One of our laboratories is focused on electronic design, mechanical prototyping, electrical design, sensor development, aerosol engineering, and testing and evaluation of large bench-top and small field-portable devices. This includes the necessary software and hardware to design, populate, test, and rework custom circuit boards in-house.

The electrical fabrication facility is isolated from the mechanical facility to control dust, fumes, and static. It consists of 900 square feet of space, with multiple soldering stations, a reflow oven, a pick-and-place machine, a logic analyzer, data capture and logging capabilities, oscilloscopes, and a 0-10 giga-hertz frequency generator with spectral analyzer.

Final assembly of sensitive instruments and testing with laser-based systems is typically performed within our on-site class 10,000 clean room.

These capabilities and the world-class standards of our team spark innovative solutions to the most challenging problems in defense and health.


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