Containerized Bio Containment System being loaded on a Cargo Plane

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Coronavirus evacuees return safely to U.S. via innovative, MRIGlobal-designed biocontainment system


Patients who test positive for coronavirus are able to be evacuated and safely transported to medical treatment centers using innovative technology by biocontainment and global health experts at MRIGlobal, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

The first-of-its-kind, flyable medical transport containerized biocontainment systems (CBCS) are used to evacuate patients to clinical centers for life-saving treatment, while maintaining full biocontainment. The unit is designed for all types of highly pathogenic organisms.

The specialized units were designed by MRIGlobal engineers through a private-public partnership with U.S. Department of State and the Paul Allen Foundation in response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

MRIGlobal designed the CBCS as a reusable bio-containment and medical treatment unit that can cargo in both private and military aircraft, confident that biocontainment is safe and effective. The unit can also be moved by truck.

According to Dean Gray, Ph.D., Director at MRIGlobal, “We’re proud to play a part in helping to safely evacuate people out of harm’s way to locations where they can receive appropriate medical care.

“There’s nothing like the CBCS for flyable medical transport” added Gray. “It was developed to respond to critical global health situations like the coronavirus outbreak, and ultimately to save lives.”

To date, MRIGlobal has designed and delivered four CBCS units, which are in use by the U.S. government.

MRIGlobal’s state-of-the-art, flight-ready Containerized Biocontainment System (CBCS) was awarded an R&D100 Award for Innovation by R&D Magazine in 2016. Each year R&D Magazine presents the awards to 100 of the most technologically significant and innovative technologies introduced to the marketplace over the past year.


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