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Biorepository and Foreign-Trade Zone Support Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Facility Enables Centralized Service and Convenience

Blood, plasma, urine, cells, DNA, and proteins. As researchers study potential therapeutic drugs in research clinical trials, we collect, process, label, catalogue, store, and distribute these and other human or animal biological materials and tissue samples at our biorepository facility.

From toxicological testing to pharmaceutical development, we ensure that properly stored and annotated materials are available for your unique research. Our staff can also aid in the preparation of your materials for storage, submission of analytical reports to regulatory agencies, and distribution of customized sets of materials to researchers across the world. Our biorepository team is also trained in biohazardous material shipments per DOT and IATA regulations.

With our repository and Foreign-Trade Zone in this same facility, these synergistic offerings benefit our customers by enabling end-to-end support for clinical trials and providing our clients with centralized services and convenience.


Contact MRIGlobal to further understand our work in pharmaceutical sciences. We help clients develop faster bench-to-bedside processes to deliver therapeutic drugs to clinics for efficacy testing by bringing unique solutions to pharma from drug discovery to manufacturing.

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