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Access to rapid, reliable, and accurate laboratory analysis of local conditions is critically importance to decision makers in every type of environment. From commanders evaluating CBRNE threats in theater to doctors triaging patients, prompt situational knowledge is mission critical. In many scenarios, the existing laboratory which could provide such analysis is located too far away to provide results in an acceptable response time.
Building a closer traditional laboratory is often impractical due to high cost, construction duration, or mission duration. One solution is to deploy a mobile laboratory system with trained professionals who can rapidly setup and process the samples locally.


Athena is a completely new concept in mobile lab system design. This new container provides a greatly enhanced mobile laboratory workspace capable of rapid worldwide deployment. The platform is custom built to eliminate the limitations involved with modifying a shipping container into a lab. This allows for an enhanced structural design and better insulation to provide a more ergonomic workspace better protected from harsh environmental conditions.

  • Expanding design increases the amount of laboratory space so analysts can comfortably, efficiently, and safely work without increasing the shipping footprint or deployment cost
  • Power system is designed to accept both US and international electrical power standards, allowing for easy deployment worldwide
  • Integrated and scalable battery backup system provides clean and reliable power regardless of the input power quality while providing an additional layer of instrument protection
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