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At MRIGlobal, our focus in Pharmaceutical Sciences is on providing you with scientifically driven results to keep your projects on track. Our 80 years of success with customers is built on a strong foundation of technical competence, communication, quality, and teamwork. Together, we’ll work toward your objectives, continually assessing your parameters and goals so you can be sure you’re achieving exactly what you set out to do.

Four areas of expertise to support the preclinical and clinical pipeline   


Able to deliver everything
from customized solutions
to focused synthetic



Research-oriented solutions and phase-appropriate validation at the ready



Expertise that excels in all phases of the drug product
life cycle


StorageRepository Management

Over 40 years of fully
compliant experience in handling repository needs effectively


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You’ll have a team of true professionals handling your project

  • Flexibility: Well-staffed team means you have resources at the ready
  • Expertise: Every team member understands the scope
  • Timeliness: Projects are delivered on time and within budget
  • Teamwork: Ongoing communication means you know exactly what’s going on

Complementary Services   

Efficacy, Safety and Tox Studies

  • Able to execute pre-clinical studies under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliant procedures for FDA product licensure applications of medical defense products against all hazards threats to human and animal health
  • Compliance with FDA “Animal Rule” (21 CFR Part 314, Subpart I)
  • All routes of exposure using small and large animal models
  • Immunological assays, bioassays, and bioanalytical chemistry

Biological Agent /Emerging Pathogen Medical Countermeasures

  • ABSL-3 animal models and BSL3 in vitro testing for antibiotics, therapeutics, and vaccines against viral and bacterial pathogens
  • BSL3+ containment for High Path and other influenza including H5N1, H1N1, H7N9, H5N8, and H3N2

Chemical Agent Medical Countermeasures 

  • Chemical Surety animal models for eye, skin, lung injury or treatment
  • G/V-agents, cyanide, chlorine, phosgene, and highly toxic materials (HTMs)

Dx—Molecular Diagnostic Services.

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