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General Information


Technical Expertise and Sales

Security and Defense:

Bob Barton, Ph.D., 816-326-5268

Global Health Security:

Joe Bogan, Ph.D., 240-361-4005

Clinical Research Support:

Aaron Heiss, Ph.D., 216-276-3559

In Vitro Diagnostics:

Rich Masino, 858-342-1574

Medical Countermeasures:

Ed Sistrunk, 816-326-5650


Dustin T. Smith, 303-739-7649

Federal and Managed Projects:

John S. Stanley, Ph.D., 816-360-5141

Animal Health:

Ed Sistrunk, 816-326-5650

Chemical Repository Purchases:

Leslie Karlin, 816-753-7600 (ext. 1510)

All Other Technical Inquiries:

Dan Kuchynka, Ph.D., 816-360-5347

All Other Sales Inquiries:

John Stanley, Ph.D., 816-360-5141

Administrative Support


Jeanette Tombaugh, 816-326-5311


James Cooper, 816-326-5269


Katherine Hampton, 816-360-1923

Corporate Media Inquiries:

Pam Sharitz-Tesch, 816-326-5968