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Applied Scientific and Engineering Research

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Featured Stories

MRIGlobal Supports Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists With Two Travel Awards

MRIGlobal is proud to announce the winners of its Hispanic Society of Toxicology Travel Awards.…

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Travel Awards Presented at Central States Society of Toxicology Pave the Way for Research Presentations at Prestigious Toxicology Conference

Students receiving MRIGlobal travel awards at the Central States Society of Toxicology meeting last fall…

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MRIGlobal Named Kansas City’s Healthiest Employer Two Years in a Row

  MRIGlobal was named Healthiest Employer in Kansas City Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers competition (100-499…

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Customized Solutions

MRIGlobal provides personalized service that larger contract research organizations can't offer. We listen to our clients' precise needs so that we can tailor our work to deliver the optimal outcome to each client.

Featured Media

Containerized Bio-Containment Unit (CBCS)

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of State and the Paul G. Allen Ebola Program, MRIGlobal custom designed and fabricated a first-of-its-kind flyable medical transport unit with full bio-containment. The unit features a treatment area, an anteroom for the safe don and doff of personal protective equipment, and a rest area for caregivers. It is flyable in both private and military aircraft.


Transcending Boundaries

MRIGlobal works across both disciplinary and institutional boundaries in its pursuit to help clients solve their scientific and engineering challenges. We collaborate with government, industry, and community partners in a wide array of cross-disciplinary initiatives.

Unique Facilities and Offerings

Biological Containment Facilities

  • More than 64,000 ft2 of BSL-2, -3, and a BSL-2 bioaerosol chamber, including three BSL-3 labs contiguous with ABSL-3.
  • Instrument development, testing, and evaluation; decontaminant technology development, testing, and evaluation; fate and transport studies; and other threat agent science projects.

Chemical Agent Facility

  • The CA Facility has 1,800 ft2 of laboratory space including two laboratories (one 20×30 ft and one 10×20 ft) and two other laboratories 20×20 ft and 10x20ft).
  • Capable of handling neat CA, nontraditional agents (NTAs) and dilute RDTE; analyzing sample matrices for CA and degradation products; toxicology; developing, testing, and evaluating individual/collective protection equipment; conducting fate/transport and other threat agent science projects.

High-Hazard Containment Laboratory

  • A physically isolated facility (2,400 ft2) which includes a barrier area (1,400 ft2) where toxic materials are handled.
  • TICs, TIMs, and bulk materials; toxicology support; handling of liquid, solid, or mixed phase chemicals up to drum-sized quantities.

Chemical Vapor Chambers

  • Multiple chambers for different chemical concentration airstreams
  • Instrument development, testing, and evaluation; individual protection and collective protection equipment development, testing, and evaluation.

Bioaerosol Chambers

  • Includes airtight chamber 10x15x8 ft tall featuring HEPA and carbon filters on inlet and outlet air.
  • Instrument development, testing, and evaluation; individual protection and collective protection equipment development, testing and evaluation.