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Range of Repository Services, Flexibility, and Customization Provide Practical Solutions

MRIGlobal is your repository services support solution for chemicals ranging from industrial compounds posing human health concerns to natural products, drug substances, drug products, and clinical trial materials. Having recently expanded this space at our North Kansas City facility, we offer full-service repository management support for pharmaceutical companies needing to store their samples. With this same repository services facility also now being licensed as a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ), materials can easily be brought into this country and stored while awaiting FDA approval.

In our repository, we offer a full-service warehouse operation for clients from around the world. We receive, catalog, store, test, aliquot, ship, restock, and dispose of samples. With our pharmaceutical repository sample storage solutions, we can store samples for any time period, utilizing our CRT, refrigerated, freezers and/or ultra-cold freezers, and verified inventory systems. 

While we are not the physicians administering the drugs or the scientists researching them, but the necessary bridge that connects the two with our clinical trial sample storage and clinical trial support and management. We can serve as the intermediary between researchers, physician, and patient, keeping everything secure and safe. In doing so, we can help you distribute samples, getting medications and drugs to patients more efficiently. 

Much of our work supporting clinical trials also includes storage, inventory management, importation activities, shipping, supply management, receipt and distribution, restocking, disposal, clinical label design and production, custom kitting, and preparation of blind samples. We can then customize our stability facility to suit a variety of storage conditions. 

An important aspect of storage is our vaccine cold chain, which is a network that includes cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, cold boxes, and carriers designed to keep vaccines at their optimal temperature throughout the entire process. In this facility, we can requirements for COVID-19 vaccine storage, including Moderna’s at -20°C, and Pfizer’s at the ultra-cold temperature of -75°C. Our 15 ultra-cold freezers can reach temperatures as low as -86°C. We manage these with our validated inventory management system to ensure all materials are kept at the proper temperatures, with the capacity to store up to 200,000 vaccine doses at a time. 

Scientists in our repository facility also conduct pharmaceutical analysis, which is the science involved in testing drugs for their identity, strength, and purity. Our team will make sure you get the data you need when submitting a drug for approval with the FDA. With our regular internal and external audits and decades of GMP experience, you can trust the quality of our labs and scientists.

In addition, for more than 50 years, we have provided stability testing capabilities, confirming the quality of a drug substance, formulated drug product, or high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) over time. These studies help determine the shelf life, purity, and storage needs for pharmaceuticals prior to commercial approval and ensure that the integrity of the active ingredient is safe for distribution. 

Our range of services, flexibility, and ability to customize sets us apart, providing practical solutions to our customer’s most pressing challenges.



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