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Why choose MRIGlobal for pharmaceutical repository services?

Pharmaceutical Sciences

MRIGlobal offers full-service repository management support for pharmaceutical companies needing to store their samples. Some clients have no repository services; others turn to MRIGlobal when in need of required additional capacity. From clinical trial management to stability offerings with a huge variety of storage conditions, we have developed a process of catering our operations to fit the specific and unique needs of each pharmaceutical client. 

We believe the flexibility and customization options of our services set us apart.

Benefits of working with MRIGlobal

We are proud of our reputation. Our clients view us as partners who provide practical solutions. MRIGlobal excels at addressing challenges, especially those with multiple solutions.

Regardless of the industry, customers come to us, asking, “Is this possible?” The answer is usually, “Yes.” From there we create a schedule, budget, and a clear timeline. We do what we say we will do.  

Pharmaceutical repository management and more

We offer a full-service warehouse operation for clients across the globe. We receive, catalog, store, test, aliquot, ship, restock and dispose of samples. With our pharmaceutical repository sample storage solutions, we store samples for any time period, utilizing our CRT, refrigerated, freezers and/or ultra-cold freezers and verified inventory systems. We’ve got the facilities and expertise.

In addition to our repository and storage, we provide full service clinical trial support. We can act as a bridge between researchers, physician, and patient. Our clinical trial offerings include:

  • Supply management
  • Testing
  • Receipt and distribution of materials
  • Clinical label design and production
  • Custom kitting
  • Blinded samples preparation

For those interested in our pharmaceutical repository services, we recommend visiting our facility for a tour. 

Get started with MRIGlobal

How do we deliver the highest quality services and continue building a credible reputation around the world? Our exceptional program management and customer centric approach set us apart from others.  When you’re looking for pharmaceutical repository or clinical trial support, we’d like to discuss our services. 

To learn more about our repository services, contact us at info@mriglobal.org or complete an online repository request

If you’re part of an agency, business, or academic institution seeking help with a project, use our Project Quote Tool (click the link below) to get started today. 

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