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MRIGlobal Presents Highest Honor to Four Trustees

MRIGlobal announces four Life Trustees. MRIGlobal’s highest honor was presented to Tom Bowser, Barrett Brady, John McKelvey, and James L. Spigarelli, Ph.D., for their exceptional contributions and long-term service to MRIGlobal.

The announcement was made at a special MRIGlobal Board of Trustees and Directors event, celebrating MRIGlobal’s founding in 1944.

“MRIGlobal is indebted to each of you, Barry, Jim, John, Tom,” said Thomas M. Sack, Ph.D., MRIGlobal President and CEO. “My heartfelt thanks, you have embodied your commitment to MRIGlobal, making exceptional contributions to our   Board and community.”

In MRIGlobal’s 75 year history, these four join 13 others previously recognized as a Life Trustees:

Charles W. Battey
Henry W. Bloch
Fr. David M. Clarke, S.J.
George C. Dillon
Richard C. Green, Jr.
William A. Hall
Donald J. Hall, Sr.
Irvine O. Hockaday, Jr.
Drue Jennings
Robert A. Kipp
Charles H. Price, II
Louis W. Smith
Morton I. Sosland

Barrett Brady, Retired Senior Vice President of Highwood Properties, Inc., served on the MRIGlobal Board of Trustees for 21 years. He was a Member of the Board of Directors for eight years; serving four years as Vice Chair. Mr. Brady served on many committees including the Audit Committee; Compensation and Human Resources Committee; and Executive Committee, guiding MRIGlobal’s Executive Management Team in the areas of compensation, staff development and benefits.

John McKelvey, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Research Institute (MRI), joined MRI in 1964. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer from 1976 until he retired in 1999. Mr. McKelvey led the successful effort to obtain the award of the management and operations of the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) in 1977. In 1991, SERI was designated a National Laboratory under the Department of Energy and renamed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), expanding MRI’s research roles regionally, nationally, and internationally. He was appointed to the Board of Trustees in 2013.

Dr. James L. Spigarelli, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Research Institute/MRIGlobal, joined Midwest Research Institute in 1970 as an Associate Scientist. He served as President and CEO from 1999 until his retirement in 2009. Under Dr. Spigarelli’s direction, MRIGlobal established its thriving National Capital Region operation. In 2008, he led the effort to create the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, serving as the first Board Chair. The Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, continues to successfully manage NREL today.

Tom Bowser, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield, KC, joined MRIGlobal’s Board of Trustees in 2008. He was appointed to MRIGlobal’s Board of Directors in 2011 and served as Board Chair for four years. He served as a member and/or chair of the Audit; Compensation and Human Resources; Nominating and Governance; and Executive Committees. Mr. Bowser provided leadership to the strategic direction of MRIGlobal and its mission.