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MRIGlobal’s Design of Ballistic Gas Chromatograph Instrument Named R&D 100 Award Finalist in Analytical/Test Category


MRIGlobal’s state-of-the-art Ballistic Gas Chromatograph (BGC) instrument has been named a finalist in the R&D 100 Awards in the Analytical/Test category.

Each year R&D Magazine presents the awards to 100 of the most technologically significant and innovative technologies introduced to the global marketplace over the past year.

MRIGlobal’s Ballistic Gas Chromatograph instrument is capable of collecting air samples, desorbing the sample onto a gas chromatograph column to separate components, detecting the chemicals using a detector, and reporting results every 30 seconds. Its flexible design allows it to be easily integrated into multiple applications to monitor and determine real-time concentrations of chemicals in hazardous environments.

“By collecting/analyzing our samples every 30 seconds, we are 10 times faster and still have the same limit of detection (lowest detectable concentration),” said MRIGlobal Principal Chemist Eric Peters.  “Whether you’re monitoring the air in a hazardous environment or performing chemical monitoring of concentrations, the ability to test those concentrations 10 times faster than similar technologies, leads to an environment that is 10 times safer—with 10 times as much data.”


These are three advantages the Ballistic Gas Chromatograph can offer:

Process Air Monitoring

With BGC, you can monitor the chemical concentrations used in a factory process to verify the stability as often as every 30 seconds. Formulations and chemicals require precise concentrations, so the BGC technology creates an increased accuracy through rapid testing.

Safety Air Monitoring

The BGC can determine real- time concentrations of chemicals in hazardous environments. Any time people need to be sent into a hazardous environment, understanding their level of safety is of vital importance. The BGC provides the fastest air monitoring possible, meaning workers in hazardous environments will know immediately when they need to increase their personal protective equipment or evacuate the area.

Chemical Monitoring

There is nothing else available that can match the speed and efficiency of BGC for monitoring chemical concentrations. Every 30 seconds during instrument validations, chemical testing, and/or chemical exposures, you can be certain of exactly what chemical levels exist.

R&D 100 winners will be announced at a virtual awards program in November.



Finalists for 2021 R&D 100 Awards are unveiled – Research & Development World (rdworldonline.com)


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