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Global Health Surveillance

Delivering Collaborative Solutions to the Global Health Community

MRIGlobal designs and delivers solutions that address the threat of infectious disease and biological agents, whether naturally occurring or intentional, at home or abroad.  We develop and implement capabilities to enhance threat agent detection, surveillance and response, solving complex global health challenges.

  • Biocontainment laboratory operations and support
  • Assay design, development, and validation
  • Rapid engineering solutions and prototyping
  • Global partnership engagement
  • One Health capacity and capability building
  • Medical countermeasures
  • Pre/Nonclinical studies requiring high containment



Joe Bogan, Ph.D.

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Featured Work

Outbreak Response

Outbreak Response

When the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa challenged world health, MRIGlobal responded by leading a highly complex mission of designing, constructing, deploying, and operating transportable, modular Ebola Virus Disease diagnostic laboratories in Sierra Leone and Guinea. The deep experience of MRIGlobal’s multidisciplinary team of biologists; engineers; safety, security, and quality assurance professionals, and the leveraging of previously developed diagnostic…

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Unique Facilities and Offerings

  • Subject matter experts with extensive experience in biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, biosafety and biosecurity (BS&S), and human and veterinary medicine
  • Technical leadership for managing and executing major international projects and working real-world events in global health, biodefense, and counter-proliferation; our clients include government, international agencies, industry, and academia
  • Certified professionals in project management, biosafety, public health, and security
  • Field and laboratory surveillance of infectious agents
  • Disease outbreak response and reporting
  • Training and implementation of diagnostic assays and field operations
  • Quality management systems
  • Process flow
  • Capacity-building for clinical laboratory, research, and epidemiology skills
  • Integrated programmatic planning in accordance with regional and international guidelines
  • Design and management of collaborative research projects to address regional One Health initiatives
  • Containment laboratory planning and support
  • Test and evaluation of diagnostic and surveillance instrumentation
  • Comprehensive bio-risk assessment using best practices according to internationally accepted standards
  • Integration of proper and practical measures with our partner stake-holders
  • Training for BSL2-4 operations, emergency lab response
  • Biosafety officer training program
  • Facility engineering
  • Training and laboratory operations for containment facilities
  • Interactive distance learning development

Deployable labs, patient transport, development of next-gen techniques to sequence diagnostics
MRIGlobal is constantly evolving its approach and adapting designs to better address rapid response situations around the world. In every crisis, MRIGlobal has been able to deploy quickly and obtain the necessary DBA insurance waiver to work in challenging regions, despite significant operations restrictions. As a result, we can avoid delays or specific challenges that arise from operating abroad. Because MRIGlobal is dynamic and nimble, we can respond quickly to rapidly changing risks and challenges.

In a partnership with Paul G. Allen Ebola Foundation and the U.S. Department of State, MRIGlobal developed the Containerized Bio-containment System (CBCS). These unique, state-of-the-art systems are flight-ready and designed to roll on and off cargo aircraft. The CBCS includes three separate rooms in which a four-person medical staff can support up to four patients while maintaining biocontainment.

In December 2014, MRIGlobal deployed mobile laboratories and personnel to Moyamba, Sierra Leone, to support the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Ebola Outbreak Response Effort. In just six weeks, MRIGlobal was able to meet urgent needs to configure, equip, and deploy a mobile laboratory with the right staff to deliver results.


  • Customization to project requirements and location
  • Experience managing complex logistics

Collaborative and Cross-disciplinary

MRIGlobal’s multi-disciplinary team enhances health and security worldwide by designing and executing programs that:

  • Deter biological threats and improve laboratory capacity, disease surveillance, response, and prediction
  • Reduce risk and adverse impacts to the economy and environment
  • Build cooperative research partnerships and provide ongoing mentoring for sustainable and programmatic success
  • Develop local national specialists