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Tom Sack on MRIGlobal’s Team and Bright Future


A Few Parting Words

After a 40-year career with MRIGlobal, and the past nine as President and CEO, I am retiring this week. On June 30, I hand over the leadership of MRIGlobal to our 7th President and CEO, Dr. Ian Colrain, who will bring his vibrant career of life sciences research and leadership to the organization. He inherits an institute that has thrived for more than 78 years through the efforts of a stellar team executing our impactful mission. In recent years, we have established ourselves as a leader in Medical Research, Disease Diagnostics, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and we are poised to continue that growth.  

Today, we are executing Vision 2030, a robust strategy to further expand our Health and Defense portfolios in the coming years. Our success and resulting momentum did not happen overnight or by accident, but it is because of the hard work and dedication of many people over the years and our team today. 

I’ll forever be appreciative of our MRIGlobal team for entrusting me with leading this terrific and growing scientific institute. I’m grateful to have had a fulfilling and rewarding career, collaborating with the smartest scientists I’ve ever known to address some of our nation’s biggest challenges. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime to affect positive change in our world and I will cherish the memories I made here. 

As we transition to new leadership, MRIGlobal’s future is bright. I’m confident that with the support of the dedicated and accomplished team at MRIGlobal, Dr. Colrain will continue to expand the impact of our mission. I wish the entire team the best of luck in your future endeavors, as you create solutions for a safer, healthier, more sustainable world. 


– Tom Sack