Dr. Gene Olinger

Gene Olinger, PhD, MBA


Global Health Surveillance and Diagnostics


Principal Advisor


In-Vitro Diagnostics Global Health Surveillance


For 20+ years, Gene had provided multidisciplinary expertise  across immunology, infectious disease, host-pathogen interactions, vaccine technology platforms, and virology.

Dr. Gene Olinger is a Science Advisor with MRIGlobal and an adjunct associate professor at Boston University’s School of Medicine, Dept. of Medicine, and Division of Infectious Diseases. Gene has conducted and supervised in vitro and in vivo experiments in maximum biocontainment (risk level 2-4) at government, industry, and academic laboratories with a focus on high consequence pathogens and biodefense. He is internationally recognized as a subject matter expert in virology, immunology, biorisk, biosecurity, and biosafety with an emphasis with viral hemorrhagic fevers. He has extensive experience in development of medical countermeasures ranging from prophylactic treatments, vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics. His team in collaboration with international partners developed the first successful antibody treatment for Ebola virus disease, ZMapp.


MBA, MIT, 2009

Ph.D., Rush University, 2003

B.S., Environmental Health Science Immunology/Virology, Old Dominion University, 1993

Current Professional Organizations

American Society of Virology

American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association of Immunologists

American Chemical Society