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Net Zero World Initiative

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Addressing the climate crisis by accelerating transition to net zero energy systems

In addition to operating our own laboratories and facilities across the nation, MRIGlobal is one of two partners in the Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC, which manages the NREL laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy.  

Launched in November 2021, the Net Zero World Initiative was established to enable the U.S. government, partner countries around the world, and philanthropies to join forces and accelerate global energy system decarbonization by assisting countries in creating and implementing highly tailored, actionable technical and investment plans that put net zero within reach. This effort supports implementation of climate ambition pledges and accelerates global transitions to net zero, resilient, and inclusive energy systems. Through the effort, investment is spurred in all regions of the world, increasing the speed and scale of transitions to net zero energy systems.  

By partnering to harness the power and technical expertise of U.S. federal agencies, world-class U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories (including NREL), industry, think tanks, and universities, in collaboration with global partners and philanthropies, we will meet these critical objectives to achieve net zero emissions: 

  • Enablecountries to rapidly achieve energy system-level decarbonization at national and subnational levels through holistic net zero technical and investment plans and implementation support 
  • Spur equitable and inclusive economic growth by scaling up private sector investment, deployment, expanding clean energy economies and job, and peer-to-peer learning aligned with national ambitions 
  • Foster exchanges between U.S. leaders and among countries to replicate successes, build confidence, and inspire transformational actions across countries. 

Net Zero World presents a progressive pathway for nations to advance clean energy use in buildings, industry, electric power, transportation, and agriculture sectors by deploying regulatory best practices, standards, and financing solutions to achieve transformative emissions reductions. 

The launch of the Net Zero World Initiative signals the commitment of the United States to partner with countries and philanthropies around the world to accelerate a global transition to net zero emission, inclusive, equitable, and resilient energy systems. As a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, the Management and Operations contractor for NREL, MRIGlobal will work to ensure the execution of this important initiative. 

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