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MRIGlobal Celebrates 80 Years of Scientific Excellence


Brand Refresh Builds Upon Rich History of Innovative Solutions  

MRIGlobal is celebrating 80 years of scientific excellence. From helping send astronauts into space and protecting key national security assets to supporting the global response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the COVID-19 pandemic, MRIGlobal has been instrumental in improving lives through scientific and engineering research.   

In early 1944, Kansas City’s visionary and forward-thinking business leaders opened the doors of Midwest Research Institute (MRI) to support industry, provide jobs, and advance science. In the decades since, the institute has stood as a leader in science and technology, providing clients with solutions to their challenges. Nearly ten years ago, the institute changed its name to MRIGlobal to reflect its increasingly global impact on human health and safety. Though still firmly rooted in Kansas City, the non-profit has proudly grown beyond the Midwest, with colleagues working across the country and with clients and partners from around the world. With the goal of building upon this rich history and the progress of the scientific pioneers who came before, while renewing its focus on producing multidisciplinary and innovative solutions to address tomorrow’s important challenges, MRIGlobal has unveiled its new brand.    

The new MRIGlobal logo is emblematic of where biology, engineering, and chemistry coalesce to perform multidisciplinary research and produce innovative solutions to important challenges, with colors that are familiar but refreshed to usher in a new era for the institute. The logo also serves as a tribute to MRIGlobal’s rich history, echoing a mark that was used for decades. The bolded “MRI” in the wordmark is reminiscent of the institute’s founding as Midwest Research Institute, while the word “Global” emphasizes its vision of placing these solutions within everyone’s reach. The new “Innovative Solutions to Important Challenges” tagline clearly communicates the institute’s commitment to its customers.  

“For more than eight decades, our teams of research scientists and engineers have been performing important research. Their work helps develop innovative solutions to protect national security, detect and diagnose infectious diseases, field mobile scientific laboratories, and even safely transport patients with highly infectious diseases,” said Dr. Ian M. Colrain, President & CEO, MRIGlobal. “We have evolved to further focus on producing multidisciplinary solutions, combining our strengths in biology, engineering, and chemistry, so we took this refresh as an opportunity to ensure that our brand is reflective of that transformation. Today, the MRIGlobal brand highlights our expertise in delivering those multidisciplinary and innovative solutions to important challenges, ultimately benefiting our customers.”  

The week before the brand launch and to celebrate the new brand, all employees were invited to participate in brand week. Activities were hosted to enhance employee understanding of the brand and have some fun in advance of the launch, with each day focused on a different aspect of the brand. Read more in “Brand Week Celebrated New Brand Launch.”  

As part of our rebrand, we defined the core values—Integrity, Caring, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Excellence—that are most important to our work. We then launched a program to reinforce these values on a daily basis with all employees. Read more about our values and this program at “MRIGlobal’s Values Shape Our Culture.” 

The brand refresh was initiated by a process that sought feedback from employees across the institute. Through their stories and survey responses, coupled with a revised corporate strategy, the MRIGlobal team collaborated with Kansas City-based Global Prairie to create a brand that built upon this input. Through an iterative process, the selected logo was chosen because it best exemplifies the MRIGlobal of today and tomorrow.



To learn more about our team and how you can grow a career doing work that matters, visit our Careers page. While there, you can view our current staff openings and learn more about joining our team of world-class talent who are dedicated to delivering scientific and technical solutions to some of the most important challenges in the world.    



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