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How Portable Labs Are Evolving Mobile Lab Services Near You

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At some point, you may have already looked into obtaining a mobile lab to assist with field research. Mobile lab services near you allow you to expand research and generate data without always depending on a central lab. 

However, despite its name, mobile labs can be somewhat limited in mobility. Due to their size, transportation is possible, but once they’re in location, they usually remain stationary. 

With the rise of smaller technologies, the team at MRIGlobal has designed the Mercury Lab, a portable lab that can fold to the size of a suitcase.

To learn more, keep reading about how the Mercury Lab is evolving the way we think about mobile lab services.

Portable labs vs. mobile labs

When it comes to searching for mobile lab services near you, both portable and mobile labs allow for field research and help with early pathogen detection, on-site sampling, forensic analysis, food and drug testing, and more. The key difference lies in the ability to move the lab around. 

Mobile labs can deploy from location to location via trains, boats, airplanes, and trucks, all of which have to be large enough to fit the lab. On the other hand, a portable lab like the Mercury Lab doesn’t depend on those mechanisms for travel. You can simply grab-and-go, allowing you to move faster without the same restrictions. 

Learn more about the Mercury Lab and portable testing equipment. 

What is the Mercury Lab?

The Mercury Lab is an innovative new mobile lab system created by MRIGlobal. During the Ebola outbreak, we found that mobile labs weren’t as effective in our fight against the disease as they could be. As our knowledge of the virus changed, the need to move labs increased. However, the mobile labs on the market at the time did not have the capability to move as quickly as the situation demanded. 

From there, we decided to design mobile lab services near you that could withstand the logistical operational footprint needed for field lab work inside of a compact device. After 3.5 years, we have created a successful prototype for the Mercury Lab designed for agriculture, food inspection, crime scene investigations, disaster response, and mobile infectious disease diagnostics. 

Beyond Mobile Labs: Introducing a New Lab that Transforms Mobility into Portability

Learn more about the Mercury Lab with MRIGlobal

For more than 75 years, MRIGlobal has advanced scientific research across a variety of industries. We focus on supporting better health outcomes on a global scale. For us, it’s not simply about science; it’s about the people who make it all happen. 

We have a solution-driven mentality that allows us to find answers in even the most complex situations. Through our dedication, we can solve virtually any technical problem. 

To learn more about the Mercury Lab and mobile lab services near you, contact us at 816-753-7600.

If you’re part of an agency, business, or academic institution seeking help with a project, use our Project Quote Tool to get started today. Our Mercury Labs are also available for preorder, which are expected to be available by Summer 2020. 

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