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Great Places to Work in Kansas City


What makes a great place to work?

Multiple studies have been conducted analyzing what makes for happy, productive employees. Here are just a couple:

Let’s take a quick look at some of the factors studies show make for a happy, healthy work environment.

The physical environment

Where you’re working obviously makes a big difference. Access to nature or green spaces, low noise levels, the temperature, lights and colors used—it all impacts the health of the employees. Forty hours is a long time to spend away from home during the week; people are happier and more productive when their work environment is physically comfortable.

Non-compensation benefits

Fair compensation is important, but non-compensation benefits are becoming more popular as companies start emphasizing employee wellness. Some of the non-compensation benefits MRIGlobal offers include free wellness classes, onsite screenings, Staff Activities Committee  events, volunteering opportunities, chili cook-offs, employee discounts, and paid parental leave. Also, we have an on-site gym, a recreation room, nutrition programs, a massage area, and a meditation room.


There’s no getting around the fact that a great workplace is flexible with employees. The world has also done a great job of proving to everyone exactly how flexible we can be when necessary. With huge sections of employees shifting to remote work during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve proven some positions can function remotely. According to the US Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 4.7 million Americans worked remotely before COVID-19. After the pandemic was declared, a whopping 88% of organizations across the world either made remote work mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home. 

That’s a real world example of why employers need to be flexible as 53% of US telecommuters see flexible scheduling as the top benefit to working from home. People have lives outside of the office, and being flexible allows balance. MRIGlobal understands the need for flexibility. Our Work From Home policy offers options for positions that can allow this work arrangement. 

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