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Augmented REality and Virtual Reality | Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

MRIGlobal’s augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities are evolving along with the devices and technology behind them. We create expanded options for trainees, regardless of location.

Augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities allow our experts to take a 200 page instruction manual, extract the vital information, and create a training module that can be loaded onto a AR/VR device, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens. The perception of hands-on training is valuable in countless applications, from lab work to training on advanced equipment. Eliminate the need for on-location training and experience the freedom offered by AR/VR devices loaded with custom developed training modules. Convenient training at your fingertips without the need for travel or schedule coordination.

Our Staff

Peter Anderson, a senior engineer with MRIGlobal, is a recognized expert in innovative and efficient design.

MRIGlobal engineers dive into complex technical programs in addition to 3-D modeling, drafting, animation, and rendering to provide quality augmented and virtual reality training modules. With built-in performance metrics and vast applications, our programs expedite the time frame for training and provide unmatched convenience.

Peter Anderson in Engineering Lab at MRIGlobal

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